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26 Foolproof way to Successful Social Media Marketing – Mega Post

26 Foolproof way to Successful Social Media Marketing – Mega Post

Acceptance of social media marketing campaign from the business a long time ago that there is no doubt occupy the highest place. What credibility do you want? The following statistics are able to prove it is advisable to.


  • 86% marketer’s social media marketing- agreed in their campaign.
  • As far as social media marketing- are invested in the next five years to double the return.
  • 74% marketer Lead Generation acknowledged the importance of Facebook.
  • 92% of consumer marketing than any other social media marketing- easily on information obtained through the trust.
  • Says 74% marketer, social media marketing- spend 6 hours in the week, if only to increase web site traffic.
  • At present, 100% Lankan business business meeting business decisions across the social media- had recovered.
  • 53% of people on Twitter recommend- brings confidence and 48% of people are interested to buy Twitter recommend- product.

I hope you understand the importance of social media marketing and there is no barrier.

What is there left to know to be successful in social media marketing-? Do not wait any longer, let’s original discussion.






On Facebook popular your product is the best way to make use of attractive images. It could be pictures of your product or service directly or verbena. However, you have to be careful about what they post on the group or is relevant to the course. Otherwise, it will be marketing the D-Marketing.


1. The old-time photo:  Facebook- capable of making a storm in the old picture. So find out what your or your company’s old or memorable photos of your Follower- will create the emotion.

2. Popular Topics:  No matter on Facebook- out of the most commonly discussed. Set your goals in line with the popular subject of such matters relating to the post or status.

3. Fill in the Blanks. Fill in the blanks- the type status. Comments will be filling up as part of blanks- your friends. You can learn about the views, such as sending your friends,  their ideas and advice you can offer. The diagram below for more clear idea about this Notice.

4. Ask Question:  One of those is a way to keep Engaged in Facebook- Followers- question poll. This pakriyaya or your friends very easily Followers- helps to maintain good relations with others. In addition, it is more effective than other strategies of Facebook-. You can easily verify your opinion of this  can determine. The following picture will be more clear.





Pinterest is a platform where you can keep your company’s valuable data pin pin board. If your company does not have enough photos to share, you’ll be able to pin the other information, which will help the consumer collection.


6. Inspiration boards:  This is a heterogeneous host Pinterest-. Where you can pin images of your products or services. It’s about your company that will create a kind of motivation. As a result of your business becomes more easier.

7. Staff photos: Pinterest- of another colleague or your company is organized in a very different picture of the staff arranged. As a result, consumers can easily get the idea for your company more transparent and place their faith is stronger.

8. Event photo: If you are organizing an event, you can create event photos. Who will be present at the event with their photos and details can give. It will help you in social marketing.

9. Holiday themed boards: A variety of different types of holidays you can pin theme will also help raise. As Christmas day, valentine day, Independent day holiday marking the interesting pictures, etc. can be pin.

1o. Staff favorite recipes: We all know that the recipes are very popular Pinterest-. So your business does not create the pin can be a variety of food recipes.

11. Info-graphics: Infographics comfort trying to find your company.

12. Videos: Pinterest-YouTube: Video get forget the fun. Video chat with co-workers can be a moment of fun singing a song or a poem, or they may be jokes.



Twittertwitter-marketing-howtotech-netIn the case of international social media marketing Twitter-‘s success can not be done. Tweet informative good and you will easily reach to consumers.

13. Stats: Engaged in itself is a way to easily Follower- Stats. If your Stats well, it will be easy to attract consumers.

14. Questions: The answer to a question that could be in 140 character-. And the answer to that question is actually requirement.

15. Quotes: Quotes like Stats- facilities available or from the use of symbols of salvation. Content writing is a need for RT 140 character- Quotes or Tweet the mark has been used in the rescue.

16. Article: Article writing about your product or service Tweet Share on.

17. Tips & Tricks: In the middle of the day in which some Tips & Tricks that can help your friends Engaged.

18. Event hashtags:  If you have any events you can hashtags. This is a new strategy of social marketing.






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