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A Complete Guideline For Event Blogging

A Complete Guideline For Event Blogging..!


 event blogging


What is event niche blogging..??

Blogging is a kind of general blogging as another event. Blogging the event of a specific day, a week or a month might be for. To generate traffic to your blog for a day of blogging the event unique. A very short time you can easily earn large sums of money. If you are not familiar with blogging the event it may seem incredible to you. I hope after reading this post you can cut the wrong idea. Let’s get started.


Why event blogging..??

Today’s the day of Eid. You have laptop or smartphone. Wish you would normally send a message to your friends. But the message was not ready. Do you search on Google. EID MESSAGES, EID WISH, etc.

Now think about your friend, he will do the same. Now think of the whole Muslim world, many hundreds of millions of messages to be tricky Wish peers.

Now think of your website. First, you can bring your website SEO, search engines, the number of visitors to your website if you could be the first. I’m sure you’re not thinking. Yes, yes, that is blogging the event.

Are you the man became a millionaire. Once you enter the amount of visitors per day will think. …… Ha ha. In fact, the next day will not come to your site visitor. The quota will be reduced to almost zero. Event blogging is fun for a day or a week or a month  I an get. And do not get. If you want to be able to eat all year round from the proceeds of money.


I like blogging the event, But can not find Topic

Having said that, brother, I is now the end of November. Events next month in what he said? There are Christmas internationally. Thirty-first night there. My friend is a big topic these too. I am a small man. No topic the small brother.

What is there in the next month, he said? There are somewhere. You stupid brother are living in heaven. Victory Day is the day of our intellectuals are in search of these to come. Many of the Victory Day will Facebook wall. Many people love the country the same day browsing history showed that some others will share a lot of copy and paste kill. Still do not understand.

This is a must if the country was a target. Bollywood movie release next month a new story shall have more! With the name of the search will be. Roadsides with new mobile search I’ll be outside. Tom Cruise next month, porn movie !!! I’ll search outside and see how much more punch! Rio de Janeiro next month  sit on the environment. It will also search
Surely not feel like it! Now, do not you know that blogging is the event for you.



How many days may be blogging for the event..??

In fact, it depends on how long it will last. As long as the Olympic Games into the Olympics, the day of Christmas  a week or two. if today’s your birthday. that only tonight you enjoy not next day.


How long before the event should start blogging..???

It is difficult to specify the date to start blogging the event. For this reason, many people like you are sitting. However, the time should be a Google Indexing. This will give time for the ranking.At least 45 days before the start of the new domain. 1520 is the day before the old domain.


Applicable in any event..!!

The bigger the event, the more competition. You should ensure that in any event, for consideration on your SEO knowledge and skills of select events.


Keyword Research..!!

Keyword research tools are many. Among the most popular tools, Google Keyword planner. You can use it. At present, there is no show without going peide bhaliumata eksakta Keyword planner. And before you know it there are already alternative methods. So what is the word from which to choose. The country seems to be the key word for the day, Google last year, a trend that will see the Country.


Domain for event blog..!

Google is not the case, however, the role of SEO domain. Will rank well if your content. However, in the event of blogging domain can match. This will increase the amount of clicks. The facility will be quick to rank.


Hosting for Event Blogging..!

So many visitors enter the hosting of the day should be careful not to bandwidth. You can also use Blogger dot com. You can also use the hosting company


Which keyword research tools is best…??

That’s a good questions.Bro

I think Google keyword Planner

Word is the best friend he calculated. How do you use? What charm weave the use of keyboard and mouse support. There is no problem. However it happen, when and where you want to go desk the means to select the desired

Do not understand now, a little cumin Drink understand, then, raises the PSC exam seems to work with you to select the country. Trump. America means. So what will the keyword. Bangladesh will work with the selected channel.


How many keywords would…??

It’s maintaining is indeed as you can. The amount will be different content), but in my case is indeed at 8/10. Energy (text ability) less soWhat is the last word. Now it’s time to start work. From the place of the previous post (domain), you can select the can.


Hosting or Blogger..?

Although I said earlier, it’s like you can desire. I personally do not use WordPress. Since the day visitors come good at the time, so much bandwidth and server up note
A teacher told us last night Blogging Event # Blogspot use another man’s brother said. I was online and it

Google’s service so it does not have a problem with it since. There is no tension bandwidth. Secure. B will make up a good template. Google will search console tail was cut. So why do I use WordPress?


Event Content Writing…!

What is your favorite word about your site all. Please note that your keyword can not be excluded. Traffic should not be lost. Enter keywords with each post separately. Updated daily show. 3 times a day and he could not . Try to 40-50 at the room (there is post).




You can not yatagula the problem. Naturally these to remember, however, that Google is indexing. What I do not find the root domain. Of course must be relevant to himself. Otherwise the problem. Google to You kaiya spamim kicked back in the country.



Socal signal

For each country has different social media target. Not closed, then seems to hold up well in the near Twitter and Google Plus. A corner in the dot-com VK popular. Again in another country. Which was exactly rolling in the ranking of the popular eleksateThis is now.


This is now. That’s all today Thanks for Reading.>!
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