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Hidden Tips for Google Adsense

Google Adsense Tips….!!! ūüôā

Everybody says groups to question whether they have tried many times without getting adsense sad but true that the same easily found adsense account think it’s¬† really hard to get account today, however, that the following are some tips that will easily get google adsense accout¬† to tell from this post on my personal experience, I hope it will work, but it is not scientifically tested

google adsense tips

Blog Design and Navigation……

Design and navigation of a factor in getting the AdSense blog is Google AdSense works on their business so that their business does not seem to be on the  AdSense account to account, when you Visitors to your site will give a professional look at first sight  fell in love with your blog can be seen at first sight visitors to their blog.

Which keeps time bored so far as possible, try to use white background theme simple site navigation and to pay attention to all internal search engine,information about the content of your blog content relevant show ads to your site’s internal linking causes a lot of good internal linking and site navigation to your search engine if you do not main and accurate information from your site to adsense¬† so your site can be¬† shows adds. The relevant adds a good idea of what it means? If you focus too much on your site.

Right way to select blog topic……

Do you think you made your site select topics of health and post sports, then what will happen? Of course not. Topics select you do not try to fix the causes of the broad topics relevant not post threads to deal with the topic of the niche.


Organic Traffic….

Visitors to your site if you do not get much better than Google AdSense, then you get to a lot of trouble google all the time, so try to choose organic try organic visitors to the site blog Adsense you can easily find the topic


Content Quality….

Earlier there was a time when 100% AdSense account without having to copy and paste the AdSense account Frankly speaking, when I got a lot on my ferrule, and I have known people who have had to post a copy of a copy of the AdSense account, including monthly 100% $ 100 + money has site. Shortly after the end of the day, but little direct copy but also steal a copy of the recent Google Panda and Penguin update’s¬† but would have to take on what is causing you know? Forget about the past, present and think about. Currently, AdSense if you do just high quality unique content to post AdSense account whenever you finish your work? Remember, it is difficult to protect the freedom of independence and more than.

If apply AdSense the high quality unique content before you post 15-20 and then to apply. 500-600 characters each post must be unique and must be 100%.

That is not the posting rules, one for every day, if you post a more if a two or two or more .and I personally think that the content is more work to get the AdSense Account.


Blog/Website Age….

We all know that does not look like that at the age of AdSense sites.

Many of the 4 hours ago 1 day, two days, 3 days, 1 week AdSense account used by the Creator II 3 blog post today, having

However recently  anyone who has?

Among my acquaintances I have not seen anyone.

Well, you’ll certainly hour 4 even before the age of 3 months, then your site will be. And if you can get past your site is about 3 months old and then the guy apply for AdSense.An urgent:In many cases, Google AdSense check on your blog page Privacy Policy if you do not let’s do this now.


Privacy Policy page of the blog, and now they are ready, there had.


Thanks for reading my small post


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