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How To Get Paid By YouTube


How To Get Paid By YouTube !!



The first three sites is one of the world’s View that YouTube. YouTube- may be difficult to find anyone who heard his name. In 2005, YouTube was launched 23 April. YouTube videos are now the owner of a couple of billion.

  • But you know how you can earn from YouTube ??
  • Today’s in this post I’ll show you how!


how to get paid by youtube

What are you need to Make Money

  • Camera
  • YouTube account
  • Google Adsense Account(must be 18+ or more)
  • Computer or Mobile or something else, which you enter at YouTube.
  • Regular Video Upload.

That’s it.

Now we learn step-by-step task.


Let’s Start..

Step 1-Create New Account



youtube make money


  1. First, open an Google Account on YouTube. It can be used if you already have a Account.
  2. Keyword use to choice/find your Channel.
  3. Your Account- Select the correct type. (For example, if you work with Movie use “Director Account”)
  4.  Username Keep it short course, the visitors will be able to remember.


Step 2-Upload Videos

video upload on youtube

Please Sign in to Account- first. He has written on the UPLOAD more. Please click on the Video Upload.

Remember the facts..

  1. Video ‘s Quality is the best (I mean, do not follow copyright Video.)
  2. Video that is not too large Video upload the side of Account Type- not.
  3. Edit video with video Editor like(coral, adobe, uleed, videomakerFX)
  4. Upload high quality video.
  5. Make videos that’s people happy to watch your video.
  6. don’t be lie with subscribers.
  7. feedback your videos comment.
  8. Don’t use copyright or other 3rd party video.
  9. Make good Channel intro.
  10. Make good description on your channel.

It is a very important issue.

Ask viewers to comment.

Reply to comment Day itself.


Step 3- Monetize with Adsense

Monetize Video With partner Program.

Yes, it’s a very important thing. Partner of Youtube- when you get some extra Facility, which may have contributed to a big increase in your income.

Google Adsense

Google adsense- first spoke of. They have tied up your age, which is 18 or more youngsters Allowed.However, Google Adsense to setup would not say today,

Step 4-SEO and Marketing

Share and marketing your Videos

get paid on youtube

  • Video Marketing will make you suffer all this evil.
  • SEO if done the right way, your view of the proceeds will be two equally high.
  • Video, so you do not just YouTube, but Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc., as if they are all from the search.


If you try to know full cause study..Please Watch This video

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