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How to Increase Website Traffic and Rank

How to Increase Website Traffic and Rank


Many of us have blogs or websites. We all want our blog comes a lot of traffic. We SEO ranking and increase traffic to your blog to do. Today, I’ll share some tips from my experience with the use and Ranking You can increase your blog traffic Let’s start from faster.


Keyword selections plenty of traffic from the search engines and get better quality if you have to choose the keywords. Based on keywords in the domain name from the title of the Web site is selected. You can find quality keywords you can use the Google Keyword Tool.


               Things to note when selecting keywords

  1. Keyword search is entering the search engines many times.
  2. The key word there is less competition, but a good amount of the day’s search.

When you see these things like you do not find the word.


Domain Name– The keywords that you have chosen the keywords to the top of the bar to buy a domain name. Say two things clear: this is what you feel like keywords, SEO Tutorial SEO term use inside of your domain name, it would be better to use the term SEO Tutorial. Your keywords in your website or blog domain name is the first search engine to your blog or website will be easy. So always try to Maine website or blog using keywords in domain name website or blog.


Create site SEO Friendly- No Web site is as nice, if not SEO friendly website that would be very difficult for you to reach the rank. SEO friendly website that is not the way.


Title Selection:
All of the keywords you select will depend on the keywords you select the title of your web site. Your website’s main keyword in the title of your website use. The title should not be too large. On top of its category in the title of the website will.


Home Keyword:
No one in the text of your website’s home page link to your website keywords to use. It is better to use common footer. In the credit link in the footer at the main keywords of your website, please use.


Write About site:
Description of the time during the on-page SEO is to write. About 150 keywords in your website’s keywords in your website by using the multiple write about your website.


Social Bookmarking:
Social networks are now contributing well to increase website’s traffic. The proper use of social networks in our website you can get a lot of traffic.Social bookmarks icons of the website can use this tool to be used anywhere. It took place a short loading time increases.


SEO Friendly Article:
The life of each blog article. There will be good quality articles on your blog as soon as you can to increase your blog’s rank and traffic. Try writing a big article. No spelling mistakes, and this is kind of the wrong side of the note. To err is human to publish the article before article music using this tool to see where you went wrong Grammar. When you finish checking grammar, this time using this tool to see how your article totally unique. No mistakes in your article publish any profit.


Optimize images With ALT tag:

When you upload images to your website or blog, then the name of the image, of the image depends on the image and use the ALT Tag. You can get good amount of traffic from image search. So this is kind of like a small work space to use. Please try to create images.


Simple Design.
Your website design should be simple, and boats are a new visitor to your website can easily understand what’s where. Your website will load faster. Crass  slider or heavy things on the home page should be used anyways. All of the blog load is too late in the blog no one likes bad and slow any websites that Google easily rank wants to give Nah.



I thinks that’s all for ranking a website.

Next post try to show a case study about that,

Thanks for reading…!

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