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How to Ranked YouTube Videos Fast

How to Ranked YouTube Videos Fast


Google’s search results if you want to bring a website or specific pages of the search engine optimization, as well as YouTube’s search results are the first to bring a video to the YouTube video optimizations. In many cases, after a while, in order to publish a new video that shows the top of Google’s search results, but again there is lost very quickly, it is not just the absence of proper optimization.


I do not know very well about the YouTube video optimization, to study for yourself and for everyone to share a little bit from there. We hope you will take advantage. Any suggestions will be taken to honor.


YouTube Video Optimization Tips

The following look at the facts when they will be able to give your video viewers value. The video will be nice and informative.

YouTube videos rank to the “On-Page Optimization” and “Off-page Optimization” is of importance to both. Let’s see how to make YouTube optimization.




On Page optimization !

  • Related Keyword: A video will be something like keyword relevant  kioyardasa a website that is most important! relevant keyword always search YouTube videos upset that everyone is shown above. Video description  in the first 50 words of the keywords important to note relevant kw.


  • Video Title: The video title to be the most targeted keywords. Visitors can not be confused in any way with the wrong title! To start the title with keywords, and too interesting to be able to correct it as soon as the video shows. A series of videos for each video title will have to specify the serial number, the serial before the next video in YouTube videos show will suggest.


  • Video Tag: YouTube video with keywords tag relevant understand what it is that you have to meet the video. Judging from these tags will show your video to your YouTube.


  • Video Description:YouTube video description should be written so beautifully. 300+ words usually gives priority to the YouTube description. Information furnished to the video description will be unique and will be given. What word is mentioned 4 times in description.


  • Thumbnails:   The first impression made a video thumbnail. The video processing then automatically upload the video to YouTube with 3 snap thumbnails custom thumbnails suggest, however, always attaches great importance to rank in YouTube.


  • Video Transcript: Video transcript to rank in importance. What is the best word to create a transcript of the video


  • Channel Authority: YouTube Video Channel Authority contributes to rank. Authority to increase engagement with the channel video views, subscribers, and channel linking to websites and social media pages.


The ranking of these YouTube videos for On Page Optimization. Let us know what’s optimization takes Off Page


YouTube Off Page Optimization

  • High Retention: How many people watched your video views it, and saw how much time is necessary. High Retention view the video watching is up to a total length of at least 50% -60%.


  • Video Comments: Authority to raise the rank and comment on the video channel is very important! A good video is a lot of positive comments, it means that the video has viewers. Thanks to the comments in question nor any ranking is important for increased engagement. Again, do not attempt to comment on my own sitting comment spam understand because YouTube.


  • Subscriber: Viewers like the video or the next video, which will subscribe for the update not just YouTube, but Google would prevail.


That is main propose off YouTube Video ranking factors.

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