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How To Write a Good Content For Newbies



If you are an online article author (content writer) got, you need to know how an article is beautiful and interesting. Artikelai to impress the reader, and that is a beautiful looking forward to for the next article. Every newspaper, every news kagajei is important. Why are some of the newspaper’s popularity skyrocketed? Price, paper quality, eye-catching images or quality of the writing? Here’s what the author did not accept the role? To create interesting text to the title (Title), Introduction (Introduction), description (Article Body) and finishing (Conclusion) – these issues should be considered separately. Here’s a article writer article, I’ll discuss the results will make it.



**Title In a word_one line article published on grammar **

See also the title of his article is full of ideas about things to be found, read the article of interest or attraction sironamakei will take responsibility. However, even before the subject of one or more aspects of the subject and then write a book titles Fix.


Take wrong? Well, I’m tell u easy

Suppose you are the subject are:

  1. Article nice tips
  2. The following are some tips for writing articles.The title may be
  3. As an article will be beautiful and interesting
  4. Make accurate and acceptable khubasahaje article.


I have a bad habit, even before I read the newspaper and I read the title. Then selectively read one or two details. Those who like me have a title, the reader can make it just fine.


**Details of each part of each article**

Every part of it is not only part of the description of each of the articles. The article title, introduction, description, and all will end. Each of the parts of a title. The first line role, the end of the last line and enter the central part of the description imagine. Alternatively Jane is not much difference in the size of each part of the vision should be ensured. That’s when a reader goes sironamagulu Even if only he could win the ideas about the article (can not understand). The headlines anyway, he realized how much his fringe article may be required. Well, do you think it will go away if you get all sironamagulotei? Hey, do not listen to him for the title will be forced to read the content.



**The role of the mirror where the article will appear in the shadow of this Article**

When I look at a man’s shadow can be seen in the mirror, look at the role of the shadow can be seen in this article. Ask people whether before or shadow before? Surely people. If you did not create the details of how to create beautiful? He wrote that substantial write bhumikate statement. The answer should be simple fact bhumikate 3 – 1) Who writes? The writers of the article I wrote it easier for the reader to understand the text, ii) the need to writing? The purpose of this part of the article I wrote, so that readers can understand easily whether it will serve him well, and 3) What are you writing? If I focus on this part of the statement so that the reader can understand it easily if you have the necessary information for. Thus, if you do not have the article, but this article shadow role will be. However, keep in mind that the role should be consistent with the size of the desired size.



**Complete – all in the end, what was left of the attraction**

In this section, so that the reader thinks kichya finished but have not done something more. Even though the end sesatana dhumpanera dhumpana threw something. However, the focus will be on the short end. You’re not a writer? Oh, brother, this article is not for you to go, you – “Writing the content of what can be taken as a career? Natunadera some kathaartikelati. Once accepted we will try in the future, “khubasahaje the article is accurate and acceptable ‘and something to write on.


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