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5 Way To Make a Profitable Good YouTube Channel


    5 Way To Make a Profitable Good YouTube  Channel

A new YouTube channel is very difficult to move forward. Initially, there is no view, is only views, is popularity for a channels. So it becomes more complicated. However, a lot of need and ability to work. Keeping in mind the following things in this job reduces pain.


১. Screen Video Recording Soft

Suggest you make a video recording software I use Camtasia. Personally, I use it. Screen Video Recording with the basic level, can be edited videos.


২. Video Editing Soft

At the beginning, you can use Camtasia editing. In addition, there is a better Windows Movie Maker for editing. Advance Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects is the best for you.


৩. Photo Editing Soft

Thumbnail especially needed in order to create a Photo Editing Software. There is no jury of Adobe Photoshop for Photo Editing.


4. Camera

Cameras do not have to be there. But the video camera to be used more to improve the quality of the good. A viewer of a video of a man than just words harmonize with his physiognomy more trust. As a result of the rapid increase in the Subscriber and the follower.


5. A Perfect YouTube Channel

Create a good YouTube channel with real names. Do not use fake name.


**Effective Channel Name**

Channel name is  very important. If you do not like the name of the channel in your channel could be such a good level before the break. Place different from everyone Else’s name. Earlier, whose name was not made any channel. If you do not take time, slow stroll think. Keep the channel name will mean something to people in one word would reflect the characteristics of the channel.

Keywords do not match perfectly with the coolest name for the channel. It will not benefit you much more than a dollars.

I had made a channel with the name of my particular keywords. As that currently 400+ subscribers. This is consistent with the same keywords in a Unique named another channel. Currently there are 7000+ Subscriber now. So you can understand how important it is to your channel.



Channel cover, Profile Picture, Description, Home Customization should be improved. The name of the channel and with each other so that each object is fully fit and looks beautiful.


**Lot’s of Video**

The view that there is not going to stop. But it must be able to upload videos and video quality will be better.


Perfect Time For Video Uploading

Audience leave the channel at a certain time of the video is available Engagements max. As a result, the general view of the more than 40% + of view can be found.
Viewers channel’s position, this time depends on the language and interests. For example, I talk channel, the channel most of my current US, Canada, and India comes from. So I do most of my videos per week on Sunday and Tuesday, and publish a video, and a video Extra time when he left on Friday.

Thus, you can select your particular time.


Secret Tips

Now the question may be, “Ranking First Viewers of this is to get everyone in the beginning. Where will the First Viewers? I did not realize that SEO hundred. “For your special Tips. This is the “COMMENTS”. Related Topics at the same time another comment on the video. But the comment is not spam with a link to your video. Enter the standard comment. For example Nice, Awesome, I like this video, Thank u for the tips. For example, a value that can be agreed, Your video is really helpful. Hope my videos can also help people like that. But that would write such a thing does not exist. Many who left the comment spam. He just “Very helpful, thanks” Better to write better.

As a result, while some people see the video, they will see your channel comment. Official name and Profile Picture will encourage him to see what the channel. It must be your own work, and entertainment.



There is no medicine on video quality. The Top 20 ranking on the quality of the video is good if you can get over  nobody can stop you,


At lest Thanks For Watching.

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