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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial A to Y [Part -03] Content Writing tips Make Link Worthy Content

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial A to Y [Part -03]  Make Link Worthy Content…..


Create Link worthy content…..

It’s very important that the content generated for your website should be well documented, so you get better customer and want to link with other sites also. You can post your customer s needs. To which you can link building.

  • Something about your product or service,
  •  create good content. Make your website known as a trusted medium.
  •  Then slowly create your Target market.

Types of Content…….

Different types of different types of site visitors prefer. Different types of content on your site so you can keep see.


  • Articles / blog posts
  • Videos / Slide demos
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletter archive

Different types of content visitors to the different types of search, such as:


  • You may want to buy something that all people – they are usually looking for reviews and general info about the product they need.
  • Again, those who already have useful productd at the purchase – by which they may be, they are usually looking for information on how to use the product or service the maximum amount to figure out how they could get that kind of information is central.
  • And parents, teachers, engineers at all those visitors looking for information on the subject Specialization.
  • So take the time to carefully consider the best time to create content. Create content in multiple formats are different.
  •  Then you can contact of Blogger, who may already have in this sector and is writing
  • Then, when the promotion is considered a set of these, and promotions. Online website and analyze different types of content can be where you fix it.
  •  Press releases and Inform you about the different types of content on your website and submit specialized directories.

Press Release keep in mind that about a lot of the time, some of them are given below:

  • Site to publish new content to the press release, the content must be unique and helpful.
  • To press release published on a wide variety of press release . For example:,  prweb,  marketwire etc.
  • Of course always build backlinks to your site.
  •   It is not linked in any way at more than two, one is the best.

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