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Page to Optimization for Google Ranking Factor on Your Blog 2017

Page to Optimization for Google Ranking Factor on Your Blog 2017

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What Page Need To Optimize

These pages usually do not optimize. However, if you wish, you may want to optimize some of the pages from within. For example, if your site Glossaries type if any of these pages, you may want to optimize page.




Do Not Optimize Who’s  Pages!

Some pages will not or should not be such as to optimize the coolest, contact form page, download pages- In these pages is usually because there is important information. And you certainly do not want to use the pages as a Landing page or pages that do not have any information about your product or service. This is due not always optimize all the pages in which your product / service have enough information about it.
Visitors will have access to your site so that your target is just to realize that, yes, I will be here, and I’m trying to optimize pages that is always important because it is very fast search engine to find the pages.


How To Use Keyword on Article

This technique is effective only for those who have already written articles or write articles you submit your article writer gave a little something, if you edit the inside you can add the newly researched keyword.
If you are using on your site plenty of graphics and flash, then these places there is no need to suffer because of these keywords in the keyword is not the same thing. The search engine can rich content read. So prepare to use these keywords is in place, use Alt tags. You can also use No script Tag. This tag does not usually browser read, but Google can’t  read text within the tag.


Graphical Headline and Taglines always be careful.

Said the owner of the website is incorrect, they generally use the picture header. As a result, the portion of the search engine remained obscure. You can use the Image in the Alt tag. What a beautiful way to see Key word has been used for example.


It is the search engine of the search will be a big impact. So stay away from the image. Especially in the header. Tagline So why use the keyword and try to keep it in html.


Give priority to the website Users!

Use the keyword in such a way so that it seems that yes, this is normal here. Not that the keywords should be spread around the eyeball. It will be filled with keywords that the whole article. Use your own creativity when using keywords more readable and search engine friendly and it will article.


Using Keyword In Content


OK, no problem at para left, but if we see it in a descriptive way of intuition or write a keyword rich content if the content was the same beautiful way. We hope you can




See the picture above is not usually count as a keyword Ward, using the keyword phrase to use a single word, so you’ll be benefited. Case, as in the picture above is called a word we do not use it in place of kindle case, kindle cover, kindle protection would benefit a lot more if I use this words.


Use Tens, Past Tens,-Inge(s)

A combination of all of the keyword phrase to try to make the many benefits you will receive. If you are looking for typical search engine, although the singular and the result shows that Plural and singular and plural. However, it does not rely on keyword itself in all kinds of use. If you use the same keywords over and over again to repeat it live from.


Use Singulars and Plurals On Post

Many people think it is a very tough job because the singular and the plural to use the same post, and it’s actually not a very easy job. Because we do this in our daily lives are eloquent and there is no reason to worry about it. See the example below it is very straight.

  • I ordered my kindle case at the same time….
  • Check out the kindle cases now…..


Finally, we can say that it is, good web writing is very important, if it is perfectly possible to Targeted Visitor and convert them to the customer as possible.



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