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Learn More Details About Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense..?          

The search engine giant Google’s AdSense is a web application. It is essentially a profit-sharing scheme used on its website through which the user can earn money from advertising content. Some of the conditions set by the site owner of a website, Google can display ads, and you can earn money from it. This is a huge craze in the current online world. The variety of online income through freelancing or nearly 1 percent of its income comes from AdSense. In this case, the amount of income in the country set up a blog on Google’s AdSense publisher.


what is adsense


Welcome, How are you? Good Hope. I am also good. Blogging is basically who they know about AdSense. However, for those who do not know the writing.


2010 to Q1, Google earned $ 204 billion ($ 8.16 billion annually), or 30% of total revenue, through AdSense, Google’s advertising revenue with adsense program. Through this program, the third after Google’s webmaster and blog owners to distribute various advertisements. Webmasters can earn money by displaying Google Adsense ads on that. 60 to 70 percent of the money received from advertisers  distributed through Google. Anyone can earn money through Google AdSense. Bangladeshi bloggers and website owners a earn lot of money by providing Google ads on there site



What You do If you want to earn from Google Adsence, 

1. Such issues will be the website that has your interest and good acquaintance.

2. To raise revenue to work with multiple websites, each site is a type of niche.

3. Google wants good quality unique content, the search will be a good position. Take this issue.

4. Google does not support the placement of ads on all to refrain from writing. (EX- do not put ads on Bengali language)

5. Does not target high paying keywords, blog, focus on quality content targeted content developed try to update your site regularly.

6. Do not try to change the ad code. If you were to change, then change the AdSense account.

7. Google did not immediately add never put the photo. The visitor was in error, and sometimes it does not support Google, AdSense, which may lead to ban.

8. Put ads to fit in with the site. no different writing (Click here, Click this) do not motivate them to click on the ads.

9. Regularly check your AdSense account as well. Why is it suddenly came to check up on your blog, click on. If you notice inconsistencies with the  told. And then your account will be safe.

10. Do not try to open another account Despite running AdSense. Your current account is banned because it can be the reason. Ever since Google does not allow the use of multi-accounts

That’s it if you have any query Please lave a comment.



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