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What is Amazon Niche Sites [Case Study]

What is Amazon Niche Sites [Case Study]

Nice site: no one is writing a blog on the subject of scrutiny build up Nice site. Nice Sites Specific / Authority Site may be. Specific Nice working with the first well. For example, during the work, less work, more profit! This is my business and I understand that, in a short time, a little hard work, investing a little more profit.


Amazon Nice on Packs amazon target only those sites / blogs is that the story is basically the Amazon Nice site

Today’s article is a (case study) would be. So I will try to write at the end of the. Real Nice site, and Amazon will try to project their reports.


Article overview

  1. Niche Research
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Domain
  4. Live Report+Project

                                       Niche Research

Amazon niche all good, however that’s you have to find out, which is very good and if you get results very quickly. I’m here with you now, I would like to have a Niche. Nice story is basically ordinary people who work on the Amazon site, they do not share the Nice their own. For example, none of her business someday request let someone else behind him. But there is no problem for me to share.

Because I do not need money, now seems to work just to learn. After SSC will And the dollar as me %.


Now time to Visit amazon.co.uk

what-is-amazon-nich-site-2Amazon niche.

Such displays. Then you ALL for your niche click here. All you have several options to get you to click on. Click on any one you like and desire. Since I am here to share my own niche so I went straight to my withers.

Kitchen & Home, I grabbed it. Click here


Niche idea.

Such pages will come out. There are several options on the left side of the watch. These are all the Home and Kitchen Section Niche / Product. That is, if you see a little room or kitchen, you’ll see that what is needed for all of these things which have Categorizes.


Then, click here. Now, just look at the Kitchen Product



Then he sees the Pots & Pans, Pan Sets, Tools & Gadgets, Kitchen Knives These are perfect for all your Nice site. So it is that I have niche Kitchen Knives.



Sub niche idea.

This page will appear. Kitchen Knives Nice to see then again, there are many sub. From here you can take if you wish 🙂  So I have taken any niche it is: Nice Filleting Knives we ended research. Here are some of the words, but it seriously at first, but will not. Start with the first one, then out, then that means boom $$.



Sub Sub niche idea.

Niche I got to the final. Now, here you see the price list.




All is well between 50- 00. However, most are 50- to 100 cells. For example, if you see any good student at school (120) roll, the medium (2060) and the bad, or if the last price (60-70) is. However, the test is usually much less than the number of people who are too bad, but registration is less than the number is the same here.



That’s it are most effective way to make/find a niche idea.

Thanks for reading.

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