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What is YouTube MCN-Multi Channel Network

what is mcn-multi channel network

What is YouTube MCN!

At first we need to now MCN what

Multi-Channel Network “is a form of short term”M.C.N”(MCN). In each search engine “YouTube Partnership Network” has been called.

“Multi-Channel Network” or “YouTube Partnership Network” video platforms like YouTube, which is an organization that works with Your Channel.

Basically, the “Multi-Channel Network” or “YouTube Partnership Network” in the whole world, multiple / multiple YouTube channels affiliated with the content creator / YouTube publishers to support multiple, products, cross-promotions, programming, funding, partner management, digital rights management, Monetize/ Sales, audience development and support of high-channel video Watching The percentage share of revenue is advertising display stand.


How To Get MCN On Your Channel.!

  1. Minimum10 Subscribe to a channel (channel with a good Design).
  2. Minimum 1000 Views on your channel.
  3. Minimum stay required 10 video channels.


Why YouTube was Disabled MCN.!

There i show some thing for disabled your MCN.

  1. If you are the copyright of another video channel video thumbnail.
  2. When connected to multiple thumbnail video of the same type.
  3. If adult video thumbnail or vulgar.
  4. If you continue to own the channel’s videos without permission of others. (In one word, stole second video channel is not running).
  5. What kind of channel, one or more (copyright strike, content ID claim,  community guideline)
  6. Home video channel and the channel the page if you do not play list in chronological order.
  7. The total number of channels “subscribe” if his number is hidden.
  8. If no logo channel and the channel art.
  9. Some of the video channels of unique content, as well as some mixed content without copyright.
  10. In the video viewers the option to shut down the channel commenting.
  11. Last month, the lowest channel 10 is not the number of subscribers and a minimum of 1,000 views.
  12. Right corner of the home page and links to social media channels, links to websites if you do not connect.
  13. If the adult or vulgar and naughty video.
  14. If the channel activity invalid click activity.
  15. No video channels in the “adult or indecent” label such as “HOT”, “SEX”, etc. use.
  16. Channel’s “About” section of the channel, and is not related to any of the topics.

I hope the above information will be useful to you.


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