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What is Wordpress Plugin

What WordPress Plugins? Some Most Important WordPress Plugin for Your Blog

What is WordPress Plugins?

What is WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin is a tool which
Some of the user’s specific functional command If the job needs. The WordPress Contribute to the success and popularity of plugins for
most. With the plugin you want your website can take full control of the site with plugin.

wordpress plugin give you good and better experience with your blogging life because almost is while .
If you want to write with plugins on your site /
Post can adjust.
As you want that kind of WordPress plugins find plugins directory
The package contains:
If you installed the plugin Can Make
1. Direct WordPress Dashboard (Plugin) and
2. Upload FTP server software

Than i tell u a simply question

What is WordPress..?

Put simply, WordPress is a CMS (CMS) or
Content management system. A bit more to say
If WordPress is a PHP and MySQL
A special online tool based on the
Website can be created. The commentary Wikipedia
According to the – of the free and open source WordPress blogging
And a powerful content management tool
The system on which the PHP and MySQL
Is based
There’s some important wordpress plugin..!
Jetpack:- This WordPress to create them
The sum of the plugin. The sum of plugins for the reason Many plugins together to create jetpack plugin
VaultPress:- This is a WordPress backup
Akismet:- This is non spam WordPress Unique plugin, it’s automatically installed when you setup wordpress on your website
Polldaddy:-This question and answer surveys , it’s create for communication to create for your blog/website
VideoPress:- you not understand from this name?? It’s like Youtube
This is a helping your site to uploaded videos.
Gravatar:- If you have an account on this site
And create your profile is completed (Ex,
Picture, your website, add your social accounts
To say something about you, etc.) then that
With e-mail account in the e-mail them to
Each is made using the company’s site
Your information will be added automatically.
IntenseDebate:- various blog sites, tiumenta
It is to be used.
After the Deadline:- This website content and spelling To check grammar is used on your site.
Plinky:- This is the question and answer site.
Code Poet:- This is a blog site.
WordPress VIP:- This is a hosting site.
BuddyPress:- We know that in order to create a blog site There is no easy way to WordPress. But
If you create a site like Facebook Want to? It is the solution of this plugin. This plugin or else I will realize the WordPress
bbPress:- WordPress if you want to add Forum However, this plugin can use its very good plugin .
GlotPress:– This is a blog site. But a lot of Like forum.
P2 Theme:- This is a blog site to create a System. But as a forum.
Ping-o-Matic:- it’s help you to quickly ranked in search engines
We think Ping for awarding contracts. To do this This site is for high ranking .
WP for iOS:- This site is for the website Content support to iPhone OS .
WP for Android:- This site is for helping show your site to Android Phone.
BlackBerry:- This site is for Blackberry Mobile phone it’s fix to show your blog/website to other device

Windows Phone:– Windows Phone this
Word Camp SF:- This is a blog site.

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