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Windows 10 Update Full Review and Windows 10 update New Features 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 Redston 2016

Last 02 August 2016 Microsoft Released a Long waited Windows Version Microsoft Windows 10 Redston. Today i show you What’s Windows 10 update New Features 2016
Since the age of 1 year to it was anniversary update. Release of Windows 10,
This update was originally released in Windows 10, Windows 10 is to add new features to the previous build a lot of bugs have been fixed in this update are the upgraded Let’s see what’s new On This.

.Windows 10 Restone 2016

New Start Menu

This update to the Windows 10 Start menu or Start screen and the last to bring some change Apps. Windows 10 Universal interface is the same interface as the User account picture on the Start menu and sign in / out option at the bottom of the Start Screen has been given. The Start menu is now more than ever smart and well organized.New Start MenuWindows-10-Anniversary

New settings interface and Dark Theme

Windows 10 menu previous settings have been changed in this update. Previous Settings option in the Settings menu for each separate update a separate icon for each different settings These options have a separate icon for the Settings menu before all option did not have a lot of settings to find settings from Control Panel this has been update default settings menu. In addition, this update from the settings menu of the PC default theme (light / dark) has options to change.


New Windows 10 RedStone (1)

The new Windows Store interface

This update previous Windows Store interface has been changed a lot. Windows Store now than ever activate and smart…

New Windows 10 RedStone (3)

Microsoft Edge Improvement

It’s great to be developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 that have a web browser. They use it very well familiar with Windows 10. This update will improve the browser more Extensions to use the functionality of the facility. We have Google Chrome or Firefox or Opera browsers. Why do not you use your PC, which always give importance to the Extensions.

I hope that everyone can browsing  increase the efficacy of the Microsoft browser extension Edge browser extension is not possible to use this update, but some of it will be possible to log in to your account on the site, or some of you can use axiomatic security Edge Browser if your PC or laptop via the support it

New Windows 10 RedStone (4)

New Skype Updates

Before Windows 10 was no official app Universal Full Featured Skype desktop app to use if you want to use Windows 8 as  Universal App Store, there was no official Skype app built but Even though it’s all i there is still a beta or preview version.

New Windows 10 RedStone (2)


There are many new features in this update this when u use then you know what’s a new magic is update on Windows 10 Redston. Agin i Say it’s come a  new features and some bugs have been fixed


If You need To Download it Please Visit The Official Site Hare the Link

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