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How to Write a full SEO Friendly Blog Post?

How to Write a full SEO Friendly Blog Post?

Any kind of search engine optimization to increase traffic blog or website (SEO) there is no alternative. Whether the good article that blogging, search engine optimization, but one can not reach the threshold of the ultimate success of the web world. One thing that I repeatedly say, a blog or website is the main focus of the article better. All of the elements are arranged around the blog article. Good article, as well as a blog post properly follow all the SEO article regarding the matters to be sorted, then only in his blog, a blogger can expect to get enough traffic. Notwithstanding anything else in his blog as well as quality content, temporarily post some of the traffic, but competition with other blog search engines can not survive too long.

In order to be a good quality online article Publisher Skill, Creativity and Commitment (skills, creativity and commitment) should have. Such qualities prosperity of his blog readers will be introduced as an Expert and popular bloggers. On the contrary, if such posts are full SEO Friendly Article Publisher if the article on her blog popular with the search engines, as well as increase traffic enough to make him more and more popular. Below, we’ll share some important issues, which means a negative complement to SEO Friendly.



Post Title:

The post is a post title or summary of the summary of the whole article. There are no posts in the post title or post to understand how important it will be short. Because of the kind described in Article Publisher post, he has all of the similar post with the title. A visitor looks at the title of the post, that way you can understand the importance of the post, so the search engine bots to see the title of the post to realize the importance of the post the entire article. As well as the title of the post in the field of quality Keywords arrange can create, search engines or search engine results page, the more you post, the more popular you will be able to take over the position. Note that the amount of traffic that comes to a blog search engine, almost 80% depending on the Post Title.


I have seen a lot of blogs in Bengali and English, without any similarity with the post without significant Keywords Writes a lot of good quality threads. In their blog post, but the title is the best quality SEO article writing does not follow the post due to the search engine is unable to carry any weight. Because the search engine bots like a human being good or bad, choice of things to choose easily.

When writing the title of the post you write that the most important things Keywords combines a full 66 characters to write meaningful title. The title of the post will be able to attract both search engines and visitors. Keywords are important in choosing you can take the help of Google Keyword Tools. This application reads your desired amount and the importance of including Keywords, and you can learn a lot. As a result, your post is very easy to get the title shot Keywords are important. Details about how to write SEO Friendly Post us can learn from the link given another post.


Meta Description:

Meta Descriptions of domestic position after the title of the post. Because search engines Meta Descriptions post after a post title is a priority. When the search engine, a person entering a keyword search, then search engines can not find the keyword in the title of the post, then the post Meta Descriptions of the search engine to find visitor. Meta Descriptions of the keyword, the search engine results pages if visitors more likely to come at the top of your post was made.


Many say that Google is not difficult to write a blog Meta Description. Yes, I agree with you. Meta Tag websites at one time in each post was written a lot of hassle, but because almost all types of advanced web development platforms on the web has become a very easy to write Meta Descriptions. I would say that the simple reason that all of these are subject Heller has become more or less important. Many blogs can be seen in the current period, Meta Descriptions and not of any importance to continue the task of writing is a kind word for 8/10. Some post a copy of the title and Meta Descriptions are putting in place. I saw a blog that blogs are almost post is similar to the Meta Tag. Meta Descriptions of this kind can not carry any weight with the search engines. Moreover, if you have more than one post in the same type of write Meta Descriptions, then your Google Webmaster Tools Meta Tag will mark as a Duplicate Meta Descriptions. This type of risk of harm, rather than benefit Meta Tag blog will givesup.

Usually post about the importance of the subject is an array of up to 160 characters to write Meta Descriptions. In this case, if you copy a few lines Post visitors to leave, then the search engine will not be able to carry any value. On the other hand a copy of the title tag, but the tag as Matter will not carry any weight. Of the total, an article it will be able to present a short overview of the whole thing a good SEO Friendly Meta Descriptions. How to write Meta Descriptions of the issues that we have already shared a post.



All of the above issues, as well as to follow the articles of good Proper SEO is a search engine with template to continue blogging if you never have to worry about getting traffic. Blogger templates and all the components of this post but also search engine optimization, there are a lot more things. Stay with us you want to be an SEO Expert


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