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YouTube Content ID system to Apply the Rules and Guidelines

YouTube Content ID system to Apply the Rules and Guidelines


Currently, more than 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube, the video is a view of 4 billion, of which 3 billion hours of video watching people.


In fact, the main method of Content ID. You all know it, but so far none had been approved by the Content ID system to appalai or doubt. Very few people are aware of this. Particularly in Bangladesh. Popular channels of content has ayatabhukta own channel ID. One of the consequences of its video copy of the Murray others. He sat all day on a report of a hit. Yet some are not?

What is Content ID to see what your video can save. Some things that you can catch with the copyright.


  1. Any video or Mashup Compilation.
  2. Content ID match was even remixed the song
  3. Even in a variety of concerts and shows performance
  4. Video game
  5. Music Videos
  6. Video of a stage performance

Now you know how important this thing. Content ID system to apply but there are some rules, including some important steps. These mistakes can be Ban your account, and if you go to court, it may take some major. So do all the things carelessly. Apply  in Content ID must have these things to your channel.

  • You yourself must be the owner of all your videos. Even the use of video
  • Music. Licensed music video or if the certificate should be, and it’s time to apply be submitted to YouTube.
  • Your channel will have a website and the website must have good design and navigation.
  • Channel website will have to be verified
  • Video is no evidence that properly, your physiognomy, such as video, written information, see the YouTube channel you can be sure that you have all the video owner.


These may take. All videos on your channel if you can not prove a title, then YouTube will reject your application. But there is nothing to be disappointed. If they think that you can be content id of any other tools, if you copy your video, then they will be through notifications. But it is too little. So far I’ve never seen anyone like this.



Now Watch How To Apply,

  1. The content of the channel you want to apply the channel ID, please login.
    Go to
  2.  Please fill in all the information.
    Now, after completing all of the above information, see the box below two
  3. Why in the first Content ID Verification Program apply want to tell the details of his reasons. Just enough to 100-200 words.
  4. A list of your video will be the next box, the video, you have the right to special (if you can do better parameted)
  5. Now submit.
    YouTube will send you a return mail. Appalai in order to get the confirmation.


Do not wait until now to the YouTube Copyright Center e-mail from the mail coming.

After a lot of things that no one could imagine that, if the content is not copyright ID will not. This idea is completely wrong. Copyright certainly will. But so strict as Content ID will not be able to catch up. In fact, of course, want to make commercial use rights and copyright.



Thanks For Reading….also Thanks sbs team.

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